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Add An Explainer Video to Your Marketing Arsenal and You Can...
  •  Boost Conversion and Revenue … Front End and Back End … Visitors are 64% more likely to make a purchase or enquiry if a website has video … based on data from Comscore …
  •  Improve SEO Ranking So You End Up on Page One for Most Searches … Above the Fold …
  •  Gain Social Media Traction Across All Platforms
  •  Improve Email Click Through Rates by 96% to 300%
  •  Use the Same Conversion-Boosting Tactic Used by Many of the World’s Top Marketers
If you want to improve conversion and revenue … WITHOUT spending a small fortune … then pay extremely close attention to this web page.


You’re going to discover a PROVEN way to boost conversion by up to 64%, gain a massive edge over your competition, and raise engagement across every digital platform … plus get a valuable SEO boost.

And you’re going to discover how it’s super-easy to gain these results … all in the next 12 days.

Let's See An Example of an Explainer Video
Let's see an example of an Explainer Video ...
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The "Secret Weapon" Used to Boost Conversion ... 
The Explainer Video ...
Yes … copy is crucial and long-form copy still works for many successful marketers. But you can make your digital marketing even more successful by adding an Explainer Video to your copy.

What’s an Explainer Video?

You might think that Explainer Videos are basically like every other video you might see on a website … or even on YouTube.

Not so fast!

An Explainer Video goes one step further and combines copy, video, plus animation to …

  •  Introduce your product or service … and its benefits.
  •  Encourage prospective customers to keep reading the copy.
  •  Demonstrate the success of your product or service.
  •  Clarify complex subject matter.
  •  Provide proof your product or service actually works.
Your Explainer Video will augment and boost your conversion by keeping your customers on your website … meaning you’re more likely to motivate the reader to take the next step in the sales process … whether it’s buying directly online … or calling a phone number … or providing important contact information.
Who Else Uses Explainer Videos?
Right now, thousands of marketers around the world are using Explainer Videos to boost conversion … and revenue.

Meet just a few of them here …

Carter Thomas
Leading App Expert
Bluecloud Solutions
Timothy Marc
Entrepreneur Trainer
Freedom Business Blog
Scott Oldford
Founder of ROI Method & Multiple 7-Figure Startups
Who We Are ... And What's In It For You ...
We’re a company called 30 Second Explainer Videos and we create Explainer Videos for serious marketers around the world. We provide complete video services … taking your Explainer Video from concept through final production.

The services we provide ...
Concept origination and research
We match the concept to your marketing plan and goals.
Copywriting and script creation
Through an experienced copywriter with a track record of success.
Voiceover, music and special effects
Professional talent … for a professional look.
To give your video color … and keep people watching.
Video Production
Using state-of-the-art production techniques.
Project Management
We take care of all the details … so you don’t have to.
Everything you need to get your Explainer Video completed … from start to finish.

Here’s our production team …
Rikki - Script Writer
Rikki studied writing at Johns Hopkins University, before switching to becoming a professional copywriter.
Paul - Team Manager
Paul is a marketing expert, who overseas the team and projects to ensure you get an exceptional final product. 
John - Head of Animation
John has been working with us since the beginning. His skill level makes him highly sought after in the animation world. 
Redd - Voiceover Artist
Redd's been our studio voice actor, working with us on over 2000 videos for companies such as IBM, Nokia, and FSU
Jade - Customer Support
Jade is what keeps the video production working like a well oiled machine, any problems you have, she can help!
Travis - Customer Relations
Travis is originally from Arizona, but has joined our team to help our clients find the best package for their needs. 
Creating an Explainer Video is Super-Easy ... Just Follow These Steps ...
1. Scroll to the bottom of this page now to choose the video length that works for you.

2. We discuss the project.

3. We write the copy for the script based on your needs.

4. You approve the script.

5. We produce the video including the animation.

6. We bring together all the creative talent during the production.

7. You place the video on sales pages, your website, social media, and on other marketing platforms … and improve conversion and revenue.
How Explainer Videos Help Your Marketing and Your Business
Why are some of the world's top marketers using Explainer Videos? 
Discover the answer below.
Boost Conversion
Videos can boost conversion and revenue by up to 64%. This happens because Explainer Videos provide a vital proof element … proving your product or service works and that you’re a serious company with a product or service that actually works.
Improve SEO Ranking
Explainer Videos give you a significant boost in “SEO juice” because these videos keep people on your website for longer … and this impresses the search engines.
Social Media Traction
You can take your Explainer Videos and place them across every social media platform … from Facebook to Twitter … and from Linked In to Instagram. This improves engagement with your message.
Give Your Email Marketing a Boost
An Explainer Video can improve your email click through rates by 96% to 300% … giving your email marketing a welcome boost.

So … an Explainer Video will give your marketing a massive boost.

17 Reasons to Use an Explainer Video
1. Higher conversion and more revenue … up to 64% boost.

2. Boost your organic SEO ranking so it’s easier for people to find your company when they search.

3. Use for social media to keep potential customers looking at you … and not your competition.

4. A valuable proof element … showing customers your product or service works.

5. Powerful way to boost email performance with improved click through rates of 96% to 300%.

6. Remarkably affordable with videos starting at just $997.

7. Used by many of the world’s top marketers to boost marketing performance.

8. Fast results … with your video ready in just 12 days.

9. We do everything for you … from concept to creation through to finished video. Just tell us 
what you want to achieve and we get to work.

10. Clarifies complex subject matter … if your product or service is complex.

11. Keeps your website and marketing “sticky” so customers stay on your site … and not another site.

12. Excellent service through the process … so you always know how your video is progressing.

13. Experienced professionals who know how to produce effective Explainer Videos that work to increase revenue and conversion.

14. Flexibility … choose the length of your video so you get exactly what you want and need.

15. PROVEN RESULTS … over 1,000 Explainer Videos produced in the last 12 months.

16. FREE initial consultation to discuss your needs.

17. Affordable Packages starting at just $997 …

Here's What Marketers Have Said About Explainer Videos ...
Hundreds of companies have used our video and expertise. Here's what they have said.
“I've already recommended you to a few people for an easy way to get a cool video.”

Sandra, LiquidPixels
“Ease of access … past performance videos … turnaround time and simple process … and most importantly, the price … typically these videos are at least 3 times this price.”

Grant, TheGrantLeonardGroup
Very happy with two previous animations. We will be having your company do additional videos for us, too, later this year.”

Irene, ICM Docs
“We wanted something clear, concise, and priced right.”

Rich, Private Label VR
“I have used you previously. Fantastic work! I’ve been telling other companies about you as well!”

Bill, IFC Advisors
“We have used you guys in the past for a separate … and loved the experience from beginning to end.”

Bradford, Hydrus Tech Solution
“We will use it on the website and in client pitches … to help them better understand what we do.”

Brian, Thinaer
10 out of 10. Already paid for 3 more videos for another small business I have.”

Braddon, Gate B13
Your Next Step ... If You Want All The Benefits of an 
Explainer Video ...
Interested in a 64% increase in conversion? Want all the other benefits of an Explainer Video? Then click here now to choose the video length that works for you.

Select your package below, and once you complete your order, you'll receive a get started questionnaire via email, as well as an introduction email from your project manager shortly after... 
30 SECONDs Premium 
animation package
All Inclusive of Script, Voiceover, Animation and Changes
  • 30 Seconds of Premium Animation
  • File Delivered in HD 1080p
  • High Speed 2 Week Delivery
  • Personal Project Manager
  • High Conversion Script Creation
  • In-Depth Storyboarding
  • Captivating Studio Voiceover
  • Inspiring Background Music
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
60 seconds premium 
animation package
All Inclusive of Script, Voiceover, Animation and Changes
  • 60 Seconds of Premium Animation
  • File Delivered in HD 1080p
  • High Speed 2 Week Delivery
  • Personal Project Manager
  • High Conversion Script Creation
  • In-Depth Storyboarding
  • Captivating Studio Voiceover
  • Inspiring Background Music
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
90 seconds premium
animation package
All Inclusive of Script, Voiceover, Animation and Changes
  • 90 Seconds of Premium Animation
  • File Delivered in HD 1080p
  • High Speed 2 Week Delivery
  • Personal Project Manager
  • High Conversion Script Creation
  • In-Depth Storyboarding
  • Captivating Studio Voiceover
  • Inspiring Background Music
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
Want to talk to someone first?
How Do I Get Started?
Upon placing your order using the ‘order now’ button above, you will receive an automatic email from our team. This will link you to a questionnaire where you can tell us about the product or service you want to promote. We will then use this information to create your video.
How Does It Work?
Once you have placed your order and completed our short questionnaire, our team will create a script … or you can use your own. Then we will record a studio voiceover and create the animated video for your product or service.
What If I Don't Like The Video?
Once you have the first draft of the video, you will be able to make 1 round of animation changes free of charge. If you are still unhappy about this you can request a full refund.
 Is It Limited To One Video Per Customer?
No, you can order as many as you like. You can also combine them into longer videos. Just be sure to let us know about your exact needs in the questionnaire after you place your order.
What's Included?
Every package includes professional script creation by our copywriters, a studio recorded voiceover, and premium animation + changes. There are no hidden additional fees from the prices seen above. 
 Is It Really Only $997 for a Full Service, Animated Video? 
Yes, the prices listed above include professional script creation by trained copywriters, a studio voiceover, a detailed storyboard, and fully custom animation. You also get unlimited changes!
How Much Content Can Fit In 30 Seconds?
We write the script for you in the format of identifying the problem, showing your product as the solution, then finishing up with a call to action. You can see the above examples for an idea. The ideal size is 60 seconds for an effective video however. 
Are There Any Hidden Fees?
Nope, what you see is the price for the full video. All prices include script creation, voiceover recording, background music, and animation. Plus you get 1 round of changes for the script, and 1 round of changes for the final animation. 
 I Want To Talk To Someone First ... How Do I Do This?
No worries! Send an email to:
matt@30secondexplainervideos.com and we will answer any questions you may have.