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About Us
Who Are 30 Second Explainer Videos?
At 30 Second Explainer Video we go the extra mile to making our videos special. We do our homework, and combine animation and marketing principles into all our videos. This not only allows us to "explain" what you do, but subtly promote it and generate desire for it's usage. 
Script Creation
Written by copywriting experts, who will explain your product in the simplest way possible. While also promoting it, treating the video as a mini-sales presentation to your visitor.
Studio Voiceover, Music & SFX
We hire the best local voiceover artists, and use studio quality music and sound FX in all our videos, Allowing you to connect to your audience, and build rapport with them as if talking over the phone or in person. 
Custom Cartoon Animation
When it comes to video, nothing comes close to grabbing attention like cartoon animation. This allows us to express your message in the most effective way possible, without the need for film crews or a studio setup.
Unlimited Revisions
We understand that not everything comes out right the first time, that's why you are able to make an unlimited number of changes to your video until you are completely satisfied with the final product. 
One-to-One Project Management
Upon starting a project with us you will be designated a personal project manager. They will be your point of contact throughout the entire process and their job will be to understand your unique situation, and oversee the entire video project to make sure your video is exactly what you need. 
Fixed Pricing
All our prices are set upfront before we even begin the project, with no hidden fees later down the line. This means that once you agree to a project with us you can be sure that the video will be 100% perfect, without worrying about going over budget.
In-Depth Customer Analysis
In order for our copywriters to create the most effective video script, they need to understand your target market. This requires research into your customer, and how your product will benefit them. It's this analysis that allows for a killer video script that has maximum impact when viewed.
Easily Sharable Via Social Media
Once complete, your video can be used on almost every single social media platform. You can even use it for social media marketing campaigns such as YouTube ads, Facebook video ads, and even twitter. Our team will advise you on the most effective strategies for adding these marketing channels to your business. 
Marketing Consultants
We're not just animators, our team consist of digital marketing experts as well, specialising in both online marketing and offline marketing. This give you the opportunity to 'pick their brains' for free expert advice on promoting your product or service online.
Our Team
The Secret Sauce That Goes Into Our Videos
All our video projects are overseen by marketing experts. They ensure every video will operate at peak performance and generate engaging material that delivers your message effectively.
Matt Skelcher
Matt is an experienced digital marketer, serving both small and multi-national businesses. He has worked with companies in the fields of Software, Apps, Digital services and many more. He also regularly consults and teaches for Australian based entrepreneur training platform ‘Freedom Studios’
30 Second Principle #3
“A salesman does not say “How do you do?” speak a few words about his product, then ask you to sign the order. No, he uses enough words to get your emotions and reasoning power flowing toward a sale.”

Victor Schwab, How to write a good advertisement
Paul James
Paul has over 30 years marketing experience in the fields of printing and export, and is currently a highly sought after consultant for his specialised marketing knowledge. He started working with videos and graphic design in 2009 and has since joined our team to assist in making exceptional videos for our clients. 
30 Second Principle #5
“Good design is the most important way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors”

Yun Jong Yong, Samsung CEO
Animation Experts
Visuals That Make Us The Pixar of The Explainer Video World
Meet our head of animation, he is the man in charge of making your your video not only look great. But also making sure the animation compliments the voiceover and delivers a premium viewer experience, without distracting from the core message.
Alex Allen
Originally from Sydney, Australia. Alex has been working in the explainer video industry for some time now. He’s worked with huge teams of animators on projects containing over 70 videos. He knows and understands the importance of animation, and the fine balance between ‘engaging animation’ and getting the message across. 
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