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How To Hire A 3D Animation Studio With Just $37
I want you to imagine something…

Imagine entering a meeting with Disney Animation Studios™️ and saying “I want you guys to stop working on Frozen 3™️, and I want you to make us a cool little video every single month, that we can share with our customers and build brand awareness and help us promote our products”

What do you think they’d say?

My guess is they’d laugh you out of the room. Or if for some crazy reason they agreed to do it, would probably quote you in the tens of millions of dollars. 

Now I want you to imagine they said “you know what, I like you, Sure!” 

What would that be worth to your business? 

Every month getting a 3D animated video made to either launch your newest promotion, or to send out as an amazingly animated Christmas card video. 

Now I want you to imagine one more thing… 

You asked them to do what we’ve just discussed, they agreed, and they quoted you just $500 a month.

Would you do it? 

What if it was only $100 a month? 

Now imagine they said it would be just $37 a month… 

That’s $37 a month to have their entire team creating you a 3D animated video for your business every single month. 

What would you do?

If you had any sense, you’d take them up on it in a second! The value payoff would be immense! 

Now what if I told you, that for just $37 a month, you could get our video animation team to do just that. 

You give us your logo, website link and information, Then every month our team will animate you a 3D, premium animated video for your company every month. 

It could be anything from a 3D animated Happy New Year video, to a “sale on now” launch video, depending on the time of year. 

Ultimately you would end up with a brand-new video every month, which you can share with your friends and customers on social media, or use to launch new promotions or re-engage old customers. 

“OK” I hear you ask, “There’s no way you can make a 3D animated, amazing video every month for just $37. It can’t be done” 

Let me prove it to you...

If you click the images below, you’ll get to see four videos we made over the past year. 
Click The Images Below To 
Watch Some Of Our Previous Videos
Be sure to have the sound on!
Christmas Example
(Last Novembers Video)
Thanksgiving Example
(Last Octobers Video)
3D Logo Example
(Last Septembers Video)
New Years Example
(Last Decembers Video)
These are just some examples of videos received by members of our 'Video Club', being a member of our video club means our team will send you a video just like the above examples, every single month. 

Whats more... you'll get your first, 3D animated video delivered to you in just 48 hours of joining!

All you have to do is send us your logo, industry, website link, and any other information you’d like included. 

And our team will send you a brand-new 3D animated video, every month like clockwork. 

And yes. It will only cost you a super-discounted $37 a month. 
That’s right, if you join our ‘Video Club’ today, you’ll get these special bonus items… 

BONUS 1. Monthly Entry Into Our FREE 30 Second Explainer Video Draw. 
That means that every month you will have the chance to win a free 30 second video (Value: $197) 

BONUS 2. Exclusive discounts on all our video packages.
As a member of our ‘Video Club’ you’ll get savings of up to 50% from our standard video packages. 

BONUS 3. An Additional FREE 3D Logo video for your company.
This is delivered along side the most recent ‘video of the month’ meaning you will get TWO 3D animated videos within 48 hours of joining. 

BONUS 4. Monthly email tips on how you can use your ‘Video of the Month’.
Email tips you can use to generate new customers, or encourage repeat purchases from your previous customers - All by using the brand-new video we send you every month

And of course, your Video Club membership is protected by…

The 30 Second Explainer Videos, 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee. 

Meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time, and even refund the most recent payment if you feel the video and bonuses were not worth $37. And you even get to keep the video! 

That’s right… if you don’t like your video of the month, you can contact our support team for a prompt and courteous refund.

Simply join for as long as you want at a super-discounted $37 per month 
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime. 

To get started, click here to join today 100% Risk-Free, and you'll get your first two logo videos within 48 hours as well as all the other bonuses. 
Here's How It Works
Step 1: Upload Your Logo
After confirming your membership of our 'Video Club', all we would need you to do is upload your logo into our questionnaire form. This will be included in every video we send you. 
Step 2: Enter Your Website Link
Every video we send you will be customised to your branding, and your website url, and optional details such as your name, phone number, address, etc, will be included in the video
Step 3: We Send You A New Video Every Month
Using your provided information, our team will animate a version of our 'video of the month', personalized to your message. Your video will then be delivered in HD .mp4 format, usually around the 1st of the month. - However you'll get your first video within 48 hours of joining. 
Step 4: Share It With Your Customers
Share your video on social media, email it to clients, or simply place it on your website! These videos are very uplifting, and project a strong feel-good factor, and have been proven to improve goodwill and engagement with your customers, and boost word of mouth marketing. 
Why Join Our Video Club?
We Do All The Work!
Once you sign up, all you need to do is fill out our brief online questionnaire. This is where you send us your logo, website link, and any notes you want included for your video of the month.
An Awesome Way To Engage Your Customers
You will have your logo embedded into a super high quality video card for every holiday season. And you'll also get some amazing 3D animated logo videos which you can use for your video content, or on your website 
Get Your First Video Within 48 Hours
As soon as you submit your production questionnaire, our team will begin rendering your video for the previous month. Which means you'll get your first video within 48 hours from now!
Only $37 Per Month, Cancel Anytime!
By paying monthly, you get to benefit from our trade rates. Which means you pay what our resellers pay. Making it the best value deal for a 3D animated video on the internet! 
Over 11,000+ Videos Made!
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PLUS four bonuses listed below
  • 1x 3D Animated Logo/Holiday Video Per Month
  • Delivered Once A Month in HD 1080p
  • Designated Membership Manager
  • BONUS 1. Monthly Entry Into Our FREE 30 Second Explainer Video Draw
  • BONUS 2. Up-to 50% Discount On All Our Video Packages
  • BONUS 3. An Additional FREE 3D Logo Video For Your Company - Delivered Within 48 Hours
  • BONUS 4. Monthly Email Tips on How You Can Use Your ‘Video of the Month’ to Generate New Customers
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime
How Do I Get Started?
Upon placing your order using the above 'subscribe now' button, you will receive an automatic email from our team. This will link you to a questionnaire where you will be able to upload your logo and tell us the website link you'd like included in every video. From there just sit back and wait for your video to come in every month
What Happens In Months Without A Holiday?
It's true that some parts of the year don't really have much to celebrate, but that doesn't mean you don't get a video. Its during these months you'll get a "SALE ON NOW!" video or a cool 3D animated version of your logo to use on YouTube and for your branding. 
How Does It Work?
Once you have placed your order and filled out our short questionnaire, our team will create you a unique 3D animated video (Apx 10 seconds long) showing your logo in the theme of the month. It could say "Happy New Year" in December, or a "Thanks For Your Purchase" video in June. Our team will render and send you the latest video each month with no additional input needed from you!

Is It Really Only $37/mth?
Yes, by subscribing you get to benefit from our lowest reseller rates. Allowing you to get premium videos made way below market value. Also, you can cancel at anytime!  
Is It Limited To One Subscription Per Customer?
No, you can sign up as many times as you like. Once for each logo/company you'd like to have the logo rendered for. 
Can I Make Video Idea Requests?
Yes! We often give our members the chance to submit video ideas for the future. So if you have some unique idea for a video you'd like to see your logo in, feel free to submit your idea! 
Can I Make Special Requests?
Yes, in some cases (Such as Christmas) we offer a religion-neutral version, as well as a Jewish option. Just let us know your preferences before each release. 
Are there any hidden fees?
There are none! Once you pay you get the full package delivered to you every month, and you can cancel at anytime. 
Want to speak to someone first?
Our team can be contacted directly by clicking here.