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Get A 3D Animated Easter Video For Only $1!
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Step 1: Upload Your Logo
After confirming your order, all we would need you to do is upload your logo into our questionnaire form. This will be included in your version of the above animated video. 
Step 2: Enter Your Message
You will also have the option to enter your websites URL, and your own personal message to be included in the video. Once submitted our team will make a personalized video to your spec.
Step 3: We Will Animate Your Video
Using your provided information, our team will animate a version of the video, personalized to your message. Your video will then be delivered in HD .mp4 format.
48 Hour Delivery
The entire process takes less than 48 hours from submitting your entry. However, it is normally delivered a lot faster than this!
Share With Your Customers
Share your video on social media, email it to clients, or simply place it on your website! These videos are very uplifting, and project a strong feel-good factor.
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Have a Question?
How Do I Get Started?
Upon placing your order using the above 'order now' button, you will receive an automatic email from our team. This will link you to a production questionnaire which will allow us to make your video within 
48 hours
What is Video Club?
More information on Video Club can be found by clicking here
Can I Share The Video?
Once you've ordered the video, you can place it wherever you like! There are no additional fees from our team whatsoever.
What Will The Video Look Like?
Animation wise, the video will be the same as the above examples. 
The logo you provide will be 3D embedded into the above seasonal video, along with your website link and any other information you send us
Is It Really Only $1?
Yes, as part of a 14 day welcome trial to video club (Which you can cancel at anytime) you can get this video made for just $1! 
I Want To Talk To Someone First...
No worries! Send an email to travis@30secondexplainervideos.com and we will answer any questions you may have. Just let us know it's about our 3D video promotion!