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Get Custom Made UGC Videos 

Every video includes script creation, video production, editing and dynamic subtitles. Proven to be the best performing video ad format on the market!

How To Use Your UGC Videos

These videos are specifically designed to convert mobile traffic into customers. Post them on TikTok, Youtube Reels, or Instagram, or run them as paid ads. 

Get 28% more engagement

Most Effective Video Ad Format In 2024
Simply post your videos along with a holiday message across all your social media channels. Keeping your brand front of mind throughout the year with premium holiday content

Improve CTRs by 500%

Cheapest Way To Generate New Customers With Ads
Have an attention grabbing, premium video ad to launch your holiday promotions. Simply post it along with an announcement for a limited time special offer and generate new sales.

50% more trusted than other ad formats

Proven To Build Trust With Your Customers
Email your customers with fun, value offering videos every holiday. Making them smile and engaging them in a unique and creative way. Allowing you to have an excuse to make them think about you every month! 
7 Reasons To Use UGC Videos
  • UGC posts shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts. (Source: Comscore)
  • UGC is perceived as 2.4 times more authentic than brand-created content. (Source: Stackla)
  • ​Ads with UGC generate 5 times greater click-through rates compared to non-UGC ads. (Source: Salesforce)
  • UGC is 50% more trusted by millennials than other media. (Source: Ipsos)
  • ​Incorporating UGC into marketing campaigns can result in a 29% increase in web conversions. (Source: Yotpo)
  • ​Websites with featured UGC saw a 20% increase in return visitors and a 90% increase in time spent on the site. (Source: Bazaarvoice)
  • Search engine rankings increase up to 25% for brand-related keywords when UGC is incorporated into product pages. (Source: Yotpo)
3 Simple Steps To Getting 
Your UGC Videos Made

Step 1:

Fill out production questionnaire
After you confirm your order, you will need to fill out our production questionnaire. Here you can tell us what you want the videos to promote and provide any footage, logos, images you want included in the videos (We can also use your website). 

Step 2:

We will create your 
UGC videos
Our team will write the scripts (which we will send to you for approval), then we will create and edit your videos. Delivering them ready to post with subtitles. 

Step 3:

Download your videos in 
just 72 hours
Within 72 hours*, your videos will be ready to download and post. Simply keep an eye on your email inbox and download them when you are ready! 
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1X UGC Video
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  • 30 Second UGC Video
  • Includes Script Writing
  • Includes Actor Of Your Choice
  • Includes Editing
  • Includes Subtitles
  • 72 Hour Delivery
  • ​Engaging Background Music & SFX
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
5X UGC Video variations
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  • 5x 30 Second UGC Video
  • Only $59.40 Per Video
  • Includes Script Writing
  • Includes New Actors For Each Video
  • Includes Editing
  • Includes Subtitles
  • 72 Hour Delivery
  • ​Engaging Background Music & SFX
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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1x UGC Video Per Week
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  • 1x 30 Second UGC Video per Week
  • Only $49.25 Per Video
  • Includes Script Writing
  • Includes New Actors For Each Video
  • Includes Editing
  • Includes Subtitles
  • New Video Delivered Every Week
  • ​Engaging Background Music & SFX
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Cancel Anytime
Got a question?
How does it work?
Simply click the get started button and select your video package. Then fill out the production questionnaire (takes 2-5 minutes). Our team will then prepare your video scripts, and on your approval, produce all the videos within 72 hours. 
Can I personalise the videos?
Yes, you can provide us with all the information you want in the videos in the production questionnaire.
Can I send you my physical product for the video?
For this promotion you cannot, however we can incorporate footage of your product into the video, or show your product website in the video. (This looks very authentic and is proven to work!) 
Can I post the video on social media?
Yes! You can post them virally or run them as paid ads. These videos are proven to convert extremely well on mobile, and can boost website conversion rates when used on your landing page. 
What will the video look like?
Your video will look like the examples shown above. You will be able to select which formats you prefer during the questionnaire, however we recommend you try a mix of the different formats. 
Is it really only $49.25?
If you subscribe to the $197/m, weekly video service then yes! Alternatively you can bulk order 5 videos for $297, making them just $59.40 per video. Or you can get 1 video for $97. The pricing includes script writing and all the production. 
Are the videos made using AI?
This service uses a combination of a human team using some AI tools. Which allows us to produce realistic videos at a fraction the cost. However, the majority of your video is produced by real humans. 
I want to speak to someone first
If you want to speak to someone about this package, send us an email by clicking here
*72 hour delivery does not include the time you take to approve the scripts, and is based on business days only.

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