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We Create Animated Explainer Videos For  Universities & Colleges 
Universities can get exclusive discounts on premium animated videos to explain their programs. Save 30% with delayed invoicing, plus additional discounts for orders over $1500
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Over 13,000+ Videos Produced For Universities Including
Harvard, FSU, University of Pittsburgh, Arizona State University, AJU, and many others...

30 Second Custom Explainer Videos For $395 Only $197!
This introductory offer includes creation of a high-converting script, a professionally recorded studio voiceover, inspiring music, and 30 seconds of cartoon animation. All this delivered to you in just 1 week.

Our videos have been proven to increase your websites conversion rate, explain your service to your viewer, and lower your bounce rate (which in turn improves your SEO ranking). 

You can simply place your video onto your website landing page, or promote it virally using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

To get a video made like this normally would typically cost $750+ but for this week only, you can get one made at cost for just $197 - all we ask in return is a testimonial if you like it! 

So why just 197 bucks? Simply put, we want to show you how good we are!

We know that once you see what we can do for you with just a small 30 second video, you’ll want to use our other services as well!

We only cost about 20% as much as the industry average, and if our testimonials are to be believed, we offer the same quality products and even better customer service!

And if that’s not enough we donate 10% of all our profits to the Lemur Conservation Foundation. 

But today, we talking about just 197 bucks

Come on! Let us show you what we can do, help a Lemur in the process, and if you don’t like it we’ll send you your money right back!

To get started, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the "Get Started" button. 

This will transfer you to an order page, which will then provide you with a questionnaire that you will need to fill out about your product or service. 

Our team will handle the rest and will contact you throughout the entire video making process for feedback!
Order today and save 50% off your first video!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

See Some Example Videos

We've worked with multiple universities across the US, including Harvard, University of Pittsburgh, Florida State University, Arizona State University and many others...

Florida State University

University of Pittsburgh

Arizona State University

American Jewish University

Karen from Florida State University

4 Easy Steps To Getting Your Premium Educational Videos

Step 1:

Fill out questionnaire or submit your prepared script
If you have a script, simply send it to us to turn into a video. Alternatively, work with our specialist educational content writers to prepare your script.  

Step 2:

We will prepare a 
custom storyboard
Our team will prepare a storyboard with custom artwork for each scene of the video. Allowing you to give feedback on the artwork and character style. 

Step 3:

We will studio record 
and animate your video
Once you've approved the storyboard, our voiceover artists will record it and send it over to our animators who will prepare your video for you. Using the latest commercial grade animation techniques

Step 4:

Your video is ready to download!
Depending on the complexity of your video, it will be ready to download and use within 30 days or less. The video will be delivered in a ready-to-use HD .mp4 format. 
Why Use Animated Videos?
Clearly explain your message
Studies have proven that placing animated videos on your website can instantly boost your conversion rate. With users being 64% more likely to make a purchase (comScore).
Effectively engage your viewers
Using premium animation techniques builds a lot of trust with your audience. It's been proven that the quality of your videos animation conveys a lot about your brand and how people feel about you.
Exclusive 30% discounts for universities
Working with educational institutions allows us to make the best, most efficient use of our team. Allowing us to produce higher quality videos at lower costs. Savings we are able to pass onto you. 
High-speed 30 day delivery
Your video will be ready in less than 30 days from when you submit your script. This includes stroyboarding, studio recorded voiceover(s), and fully custom animation
Unlimited video changes
We understand that during production you will need to get a lot of people to sign off on the video. Which is why we are offering unlimited changes so you can get the video that pleases everyone. 
Book a Call To Discuss Your 
Premium Educational Video Today!

All packages include script creation, a studio voiceover, storyboarding, premium animation & changes.
With pricing as low as $497. Plus you get a 30 day money back guarantee with every order!

  • High conversion script creation
  • ​Studio recorded voiceover
  • Custom whiteboard animation
  • 2 rounds of changes
  • Engaging background music and SFX 
  • ​High-speed 1 week delivery
  • ​Designated project manager 
  • ​File delivered in HD 1080p .mp4 format
  • ​30 day money back guarantee! 
  • Professional script creation
  • ​Studio recorded voiceover
  • ​Storyboarding and edits
  • Premium animation standard
  • Unlimited changes
  • Engaging background music and SFX 
  • ​High-speed 30 day delivery
  • ​Designated project manager 
  • File delivered in HD 1080p .mp4 format
  • ​Artwork tailored to your branding
  • Exclusive ​30% educational discounts
  • ​30 day money back guarantee! 
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How do I get started?
Upon placing your order using the above 'order now' button, you will receive an automatic email from our team. This will link you to a questionnaire where you will be able to tell us about the product or service you want to promote. We will then use this information to create your video. 
How does it work?
Once you have placed your order and filled out our short questionnaire, our team will create a script (or you can use your own), then we will record a studio voiceover and create your custom video for your product or service. 
Will my video fit my branding?
Yes, if you provide us with your brand guidelines, our team will make sure your video is custom tailored to fit your requirements. Including any artwork, typography and color schemes. 
What if i don't like the video?
Once you have the first draft of the video, you will be able to make as many animation changes as you want free of charge. If after that you are still unhappy you can request a full refund. 
Why is this so much cheaper than everyone else?
By leveraging economies of scale and working with a large team, we are able to deliver the highest animation standards at prices our competitors can't touch! That's why 13,000+ companies have happily used our service since 2012
What's the word count of a 30 second script?
A 30 second script can fit about 70 words, or 150 words for 60 seconds. We recommend going for a 60 second video for a enough time to explain your service without losing peoples attention. 
I want to speak to someone first
If you want to speak to someone about this package, send us an email by clicking here
Although we do our best to create you an amazing video. Conversion rate increases cannot be guaranteed, as this is subject to your offer and marketing. However, we do guarantee you will be happy with your video.

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