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John Hart,
"The team specifically went above and beyond and rocked our projects. Our deliverables from 30secondexplainervideos have been on time, engaging, and clearly gotten our message across. I will continue to recommend 90secondexplainervideos for any video related project. 

Mark Nagelmann & Carter Thomas, Bluecloud Solutions
"I’ve never paid for ... a professionally animated explainer video ...but after going through the experience I was extremely impressed with the results. I will work with the team again on more future projects to come."

Chris Guthrie, Entrepreneur Boost
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"Do You Have a Complicated Service 
That You Need People To Understand?"
So you’ve got an amazing idea, and that idea can be anything... from a product, a piece of
software, a plugin, a service or even an app!

You’ve set up a website, and you try to showcase all the features, benefits and what makes your
idea so great. Only you’ve ended up with a tonne of text with no one really understanding what you

This causes high drop off rates, and low conversions on your website.

But the problem isn’t your idea, it’s that your idea takes too long to explain.

At 90 Second Explainer Videos, we believe in creating engaging videos that do just that. Explain!

By combining solid marketing principles with engaging storytelling and animation. We are able to
keep your visitors engaged, while showcasing how your service can help them with what they’re

Our projects managers will work alongside you to dig down to the core of your idea, allowing us to
turn it into a powerful little video that your viewers will watch, understand and even share with their

It’s the combination of explaining and marketing principles that make our videos so much more
effective. Allowing for measurable improvement in your websites performance.

So what’s your really amazing idea?

Tell us all about it by clicking the red button below, and we’ll help you share it with the world.

Matt Ryder
Director @ 30 Second Explainer Videos
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